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Block Out Harmful Blue Light With BlockBlueLight Glasses

Everyone is familiar with the feeling of being over exposed to blue light. For office workers, it can feel like tired or irritated eyes, the digital eye strain brought on by hours focusing on a screen under harsh artificial lighting. For those who like to unwind at the end of the day by gaming or watching a few episodes of their favourite show, it can feel like the strange restlessness that doesn’t let you get to sleep.

Each of these problems can be traced back to our blue light consumption. Excessive exposure to blue light can be harmful to our eyes and to our health and wellbeing. Posing problems long term by inducing degenerative problems in our eyes and disrupting the normal biological processes of the body.

You can combat these problems by reducing your cumulative blue light exposure with the use of BlockBlueLight glasses. Our range features products designed to filter and moderate blue light exposure during the day with our daytime computer blue light filter glasses , and eliminate the risks of blue light exposure in the evenings and night-time with our premium 100% blue and green light blocking glasses.


Daytime Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Blue light exposure is something our bodies are geared to react to, and tolerate at varying levels at particular points in the day. Devices that emit blue light can present difficulties for those spending extended periods using them at work, or using them at all in the evening.

For those looking to reduce their daytime blue light exposure, we have developed our range of ClearBlue lens equipped daytime glasses. These blue light filtering glasses are designed to drastically reduce, but not entirely eliminate, a users exposure to blue light while engaged with computers or other blue light emitting devices over the course of the day.

Moderate blue light exposure is an important aspect of the biological processes that permit focus and attention, but excessive exposure is linked to headaches, digital eye strain and even migraines. Long term exposure can also have a degenerative effect on our ocular health. ClearBlue lenses are designed so that you can safely make use of blue light emitting devices throughout the day, without experiencing the effects of excessive blue light exposure.

For parents looking for an effective blue light filtering solution for their children, we have our Kids Computer glasses designed to provide your kids with a safe way of engaging with blue light emitting devices.

Night-time Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The effects of blue light exposure are not confined to the daytime. Evening exposure to blue light can send an erroneous ‘rise and shine’ message to the brain, and interrupt the processes that ensure a restful night's sleep. The biggest culprits are the devices we use every day. Our computer screens, smartphones, televisions all produce blue light, and at this point in the day, even minimal exposure to blue light can cause problems.

Our range of blue blocking glasses are designed to entirely eliminate blue from the spectrum of light that reaches your eyes. Our long term health and wellbeing are heavily dependent on the quality of our sleep. Ensure that you are setting the foundation for a restful night’s sleep with BlockBlueLight glasses designed to protect you from the effects of night-time blue light exposure.

About BlockBlueLight

BlockBlueLight emerged as a result of founder Daniel Ebbett’s own desire to find a solution to his experiences of sleeplessness, eye strain and migraines. Daniel had tried everything from breathing techniques to sleeping pills to natural remedies, nothing seemed to be helping his lack of sleep and declining sense of wellbeing.

For Daniel, the use of blue light blocking glasses was a revelation, but he saw that there was still plenty of work to ensure that blue light blocking glasses could be used optimally. He set about developing his own ideas and designs, seeking to make it possible to use blue light blocking glasses effectively in a wider range of settings for a wider range of people.

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