Blue Light FAQs



Melatonin, also known as the 'sleep hormone', is produced by the brain's pineal gland. Melatonin is responsible for regulating our periods of both sleep and wakefulness.

After the sun sets and it becomes dark, a signal is sent to our brain to start secreting melatonin to cause sleepiness, encouraging us over time to curl up and drop into a deep and restful sleep. Exposure to artificial blue light after the sun sets disrupts this evolutionary process of 'priming' you for sleep. This harmful light suppresses the release of melatonin as it signals your brain that it is still daylight, trying to keep you awake and alert. 

Melatonin plays a significant role in our overall health, one of its key roles is to counteract stimulating and energetic hormones such as cortisol in your system. When melatonin is high, cortisol will be low, this allows us to be in a low stress and relaxed state which promotes our body to obtain restful sleep and boosts cell regeneration. However if melatonin is low (due to being suppressed from blue light), cortisol will remain high - keeping you energised and stimulated at night, disturbing quality of sleep. Constant high cortisol equates to constant high stress, which will wreak havoc on the body! In this way, melatonin is necessary to maintain a regular and healthy body clock and sleep wake cycles.


For more detailed information on melatonin please see our blog article "Melatonin 101 – Why This Sleep Hormone Supercharges Health and How You Can Produce More"



Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum which falls within the 400-500nm range. 

Blue light in the range of 400-450nm can cause eye damage such as macular degeneration. Blue and green light from 450-550nm has a direct effect on the the brain's ability to secrete melatonin, with a lack of melatonin causing issues for us in both falling and staying asleep.

Today we are surrounded by this harmful blue light from all artificial light sources. This includes computer screens, TVs, smart phones, tablets and conventional LED lighting in your home. Even though we refer to this harmful artificial light as 'blue light' does not always mean the light you notice will appear visibly blue.


For more info on blue light and its effects please read our blog post on What is Blue Light.



Most people are completely unaware that the sources of artificial blue light are everywhere; in today's modern world you simply cannot escape it. All modern devices which produce a light source will produce some amount of blue light even if it doesn't appear to actually look noticeably blue.

In fact, all artificial, electric-powered devices which produce a light source will emit blue light to varying degrees, even if it doesn't look blue. 

The most common sources of artificial blue light include:

  • Tablets such as iPads
  • Smartphones
  • Monitors from computers and laptops
  • LED and plasma TV screens
  • Fluorescent lighting in offices and stores
  • Conventional LED lighting in houses
  • The light inside your fridge



Melatonin (the sleep hormone) is produced by our brains which makes us fall asleep and stay asleep.

Darkness causes the body to produce melatonin, which causes sleepiness, signalling to the body to that it is time to sleep.

Exposure to blue light at night suppresses the release of melatonin as it signals your brain that it is still daylight, trying to keep you awake and alert. 

Reduction in melatonin makes it hard to fall asleep and/or stay asleep, drastically lowers sleep quality, and causes serious sleep disruption.


Quality sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind.



Getting sufficient quality sleep each night is essential for the health of our body and mind. We’re all familiar with the fatigue, irritability, and poor productivity the day after a late night or when we haven’t slept well. However, chronic lack of sleep has other negative health consequences.

When we are in a state of deep sleep, the body is able to rest, repair and heal. Sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality have been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, memory loss, type-2 diabetes, low-immunity, anxiety and depression. A chronic lack of sleep is also associated with increased production of the hunger hormone ghrelin and impaired insulin sensitivity. This results in poor blood sugar control, weight gain and difficulty losing weight despite dieting and exercising. No matter how well you eat or exercise, if you aren’t getting quality sleep none of this will matter and your health will suffer.



If you are working for prolonged periods on computer screens, gaming, or under harsh artificial lighting during daytime hours, you are damaging your eyes from chronic exposure to harmful blue light.



Symptoms can manifest as digital eye strain, dry, itchy or irritated eyes, headaches and migraines, even loss of vision from macular degeneration.





  • Use a set of  quality set of blue light blocking glasses:  
    • for daytime use we recommend the ScreenTime Premium Day Glasses. These glasses use our ClearBlue Lens technology which blocks all the harmful range of blue light responsible for eye damage and eye strain,  without distorting the colour you see - perfect for people who are using computers or other digital devices during the day.
       If you wear reading or prescription glasses, we offer our ScreenTime FITOVER daytime glasses, so you can continue to wear your glasses and still obtain maximum protection from screens and devices during the day.
      • For nighttime use we recommend our range of blue light blocking glasses. Our blue blocking glasses are specially designed and manufactured to remove 100% of blue light.  These are the prefect blue light  blocking glasses for watching movies at night, working on computers/tablets after sunset, or using other digital devices just before bedtime.
    • 20-20-20 Rule - after every 20 minutes of looking at a digital device, take a break for at least 20 seconds and look at something approx 20 metres away. This has been shown to significantly reduce eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to electronic devices, and even during the day minimise the damage that is being done to your overall eye health.
    • Position your computer screen approx 25 inches from your face and angle the monitor about 10 - 15 degrees below eye level



    BlockBlueLight glasses have been specifically designed to block ALL the blue and green light wavelengths which are emitted from electronic devices and any artificial light sources. This includes smartphones, laptops, computer screens, LED and Plasma TVs, tablets, fluorescent lighting in offices and stores, and conventional LED lighting in homes.

    This harmful blue light has been extensively researched, and has been proven to inhibit our body's ability to naturally produce melatonin, the brain's 'sleep hormone'.

    When worn after the sun goes down, BlockBlueLight glasses block out ALL blue light, allowing your body to naturally wind down and prepare for sleep. This ensures you will fall asleep fast, stay sleep longer, and guarantees quality restful sleep.

    BlockBlueLight glasses give you the best of both worlds: you can still use phones, devices, tablets and watch your favourite TV shows, yet your sleep and health don't need to suffer. By effectively blocking blue light from a variety of sources you allow maximum melatonin production to occur, helping you to get the best night's sleep, and wake up full of energy.



    Testing by a laboratory grade spectrometer has shown that the BlockBlueLight SunDown Amber lens blocks 100% of blue light from 380-500nm and 43% of Green light from 500-550nm.

    The Nocturnal Ultra Red lens blocks 100% of blue light from 380-500nm, and 100% of green light from 500-570nm

    Research shows that blue light between 400 and 450nm causes macular degeneration, retina damage, and can also be responsible for causing migraines and headaches through eye strain. Blue and green light between 450 and 550nm will have a very strong effect on suppressing the production of melatonin which in turn causes sleep issues.




    There has been a lot of research and development that has gone into the design of our glasses to ensure they are the most effective functional design at blocking blue and green light from all angles.

    You have receptors in your eyes that are extremely sensitive to blue and green light which are directly connected to the signaling of your biological clock and circadian rhythm.  These receptors are known as ‘Melanopsin sensitive ganglion cells’ and they are located in the center of your eye, but they are also in the periphery of your field of vision. Therefore you need to prevent blue and green light from entering the eyes at all angles to stop these receptors sending signals to the brain that its the middle of the day.

    Most of the blue blocking glasses you will find available have been designed just to be 'fashionable' or 'trendy' with no consideration for 'light leakage around the sides at top of the glasses. These type of glasses may look good but they will only ever protect the center of your visual field, making them significantly less effective at truly blocking all blue and green light from entering your eyes and protecting your sleep quality.

    To be an effective set of blue blocking glasses they need to all block blue and green light from entering your eyes at all angels, this includes the sides and top. This is how our glasses have been specifically designed, which ensures they will be the most effective set of blue blocking glasses you can own.



    There are many blue light blocking glasses available on the market making all sorts of different claims. We know that this can make purchasing a quality pair overwhelming and very confusing!

    A lot of the orange or red-tinted glasses being sold are just simply that, red and orange-tinted. Often suppliers have not properly designed the lens to ensure it is actually blocking the correct wavelengths of blue light, with no research or testing in these products' development. If this is the case, you aren't likely to notice any significant changes or benefits from these types of lenses.

    Many other brands of glasses are being sold that have clear lenses yet are still claiming to block various sources of blue light. Typically, these lenses are really only filtering out very small amounts of harmful light. Clear lens glasses will only really be capable of filtering around 10% - 20% of blue light - slightly beneficial for eye strain but they will not have any benefits in preserving melatonin and improving quality of sleep.

    All of BlockBlueLight's glasses have been extensively researched, scientifically designed and manufactured specifically using the best technology to ensure ALL of the wavelengths of harmful blue and green light are both being removed.

    We have our lenses tested by a laboratory grade spectrometer to ensure we are producing the very best lenses which effectively block all blue light. You can see our lens testing reports here. We are confident that you won't find better quality blue light blocking glasses on the market.

    We have designed our glasses to have a wrap-around fit to ensure there is no light leakage coming in from the sides and still entering the eye - this is critical to ensure the glasses remain effective at blocking out all artificial light. Many glasses are simply focused on fashion and style of their frames but not focused on blocking harmful artificial light to promote improved sleep. Don't be fooled by expensive blue blocker glasses that may look good, as they are most likely doing a very poor job at both blocking the correct wavelengths of blue light, and keeping the harmful blue light from still entering your eyes through the sides!




    SunDown Amber lenses block 100% of blue light and green light up to 530nm, which means that your brain will be producing melatonin a few minutes after you start wearing them, remembering that more melatonin equals better sleep quality. These blue-blocking glasses are perfect if you watch television or look at a computer screen during the evening. If you have your lights on at night, we also recommend wearing these glasses. These are available in both originalfit-over, and stylish models.

    Nocturnal Red lenses block all light wavelengths of blue and green up to 570nm. These are the wavelengths shown to most affect our internal clock, lower melatonin levels alter our sleep/wake cycle. They not only block blue light but also all green light. Why block green light as well? Research now shows the green light emitted by modern electronic devices and light bulbs is also contributing to suppressing melatonin levels at night. Our orange-tinted glasses dramatically improve your melatonin production levels, the red lenses simply increase this even further. We have these available in our premium nightfall frames, Elite aluminium frames and fitover nightfall models.

    ScreenTime Premium Day glasses  are specifically designed for those spending significant time during the day in front of screens. They feature our specialised ClearBlue lens, designed to filter out harmful artificial blue light emitted by digital devices, and all other artificial light sources. These glasses filter over 50% of blue light across all of the blue light spectrum (400nm-500nm) to alleviate digital eye strain, sore and tired eyes, headaches/ migraines, and blurred vision from both screen time and bright LED or fluorescent lighting in the work place.



    Yes, we have created our fit-over range of glasses which have been specifically designed for this reason. You can continue to wear your existing reading or prescription glasses, and our fit-over glasses will nicely fit over them and provide maximum protection against blue light. We offer these in both the Nocturnal Red Ultra Lens, and the Original Dark Amber lens.



    Don't be fooled: many of the more expensive products on the market are simply overpriced and nowhere near as effective. A higher price does not equal a better product!

    We have found there are now many companies offering glasses which are very focused on providing trendy and fashionable frames. The issue with these is they allow light to enter the eyes from the sides of the glasses which renders the glasses ineffective; you may look good but you're still not blocking the harmful light from entering your eyes. The other issue is  being fashionable and trendy comes at a much higher price, but its does not actually do a better job! We design our glasses to wrap around the face so there is no light leakage, meaning no harmful blue light enters the eyes at all. This makes them both the best value and most effective glasses on the market.

    Don't waste your money on trying to look good as it's not going to improve your sleep! Make sure you have a good wrap around fit with a lens designed to block thee full spectrum of harmful light.

    BlockBlueLight is the worldwide leader in blue light blocking products. Our lighting products and glasses are scientifically designed, manufactured to the highest standards, and laboratory tested to ensure they eliminate the full spectrum of blue light wavelengths that suppress melatonin production. 



    Once the sun has set and your being exposed to any artificial light source we strongly recommend wearing  BlockBlueLight  Nighttime Glasses (either the Nocturnal Red or SunDown Amber lenes). 

    These glasses should stay on from the point of sunset up until going to bed. This will ensure maximum melatonin release which will then ensure you obtain deep and restful sleep



    Yes, our ScreenTime Premium Day glasses are for people who spend most of their day indoors under artificial light. If you're spending all day in front of a computer, phone, or tablet, then ScreenTime Premium Day glasses are perfect for you. 

    The benefits of these glasses are that they filter out 50% of all blue light coming from LED and fluorescent light bulbs, smartphones, computer screens, and projector screens.

    Daytime glasses make you much less tired when looking at a computer screen all day. When wearing these glasses they eliminate headaches, eye strain, migraines, and even protect your eyes from serious damage such as macular degeneration.



    Our ScreenTime Computer Glasses filter over 50% of blue light across all of the blue light spectrum (400nm-500nm), this will help eliminate digital eye strain, sore and tired eyes, headaches/ migraines, and blurred vision from both screen time and bright LED or fluorescent lighting.

    More Specifically these glasses block over 50% of blue light right at 455 nanometers which is the most energetic, damaging light emitted from screens, LED’s, and other modern artificial lighting. By filtering 50% of blue light at 455nm makes our ScreenTime Day Glasses they most effective clean lens computer glasses available.

    If you wear reading or prescription glasses, we offer our ScreenTime FITOVER daytime glasses, so you can continue to wear your glasses and still obtain maximum protection from screens and devices during the day.



    If it is still light outside and you are inside under artificial lighting such as LED or fluorescent lighting you will need to ensure you have the ScreenTime Day Glasses on. This also includes using digital devices such as phones, tablets, computers or TVs for extended periods. 

    At night time once the sun has set we strongly recommend wearing  BlockBlueLight Glasses (either the Nocturnal Red or SunDown Amber lenses)  before bed to stop artificial blue light disrupting your sleep.



    Our kids glasses have been designed to fit children between the approximate ages of 3 -10 years old.

    10+ years would benefit moving up to our standard sized NightFall Range for night use, and our ScreenTime Range for day time use.

    The dimensions of the kids frames nighttime glasses are:

    Bridge: 10mm
    Arms: 110mm
    Lens: 55mm


    The dimensions of the kids frames nighttime glasses are:
    Bridge: 15mm
    Arms: 120mm
    Lens: 45mm



    Children's eyes are much more sensitive to blue light because, until the age of 14-15, their eyes are not yet fully developed. The crystalline lens of the eye — the flexible lens behind the iris that allows us to focus — is more transparent in children. Children also have larger pupils. So, their eyes are completely unprotected and taking in higher levels of potent, high-energy blue light waves.

    On top of this, we know children, tweens and teens are more likely to use digital devices and have more time to spend in front of screens.

    Couple all that with their changing and developing brain and circadian rhythm - it's a recipe for disaster.



    We are always working to improve our technology and designs; we have done additional research and testing that allowed us to find a balance that lets in more yellow, orange, red wavelengths of light, this provides more visible light while still blocking the harmful wavelengths of blue and green light.

    This has made our glasses more kid friendly and have greater compliance of them wearing them. They are just as effective as the original nightfall lens, just with improved visibility for the young ones!



    BlockBlueLight bulbs are specifically designed and manufactured to block the blue light wavelengths that will interfere with melatonin being released. 

    Our Sweet Dreams bulbs are guaranteed to block all blue light wavelengths up to 510nm, and our Twilight Bulbs all blue and green light wavelengths up to 570nm. 

    Several top lighting manufacturers have introduced nighttime bulbs that have lower blue light output and label these are "warm white", however these bulbs have not been designed with removing enough of the blue light spectrum, they still emit high amounts of blue light to still cause melatonin suppression. Only BlockBlueLight bulbs are guaranteed to be 100% blue-free.



    Conventional LED bulbs are bad for us yes, but our SweetDreams Bulbs, Twilight  Bulbs, And Red Night Light bulbs are not the same as conventional LEDs,

    Common LED lighting you will find in most homes is bad for our health for two main reasons;

    They have a very high spike in the Blue light range and are void of any of the yellow orange or red colours. This high intensity of blue light is very far from natural balanced light you find in nature, it has the ability to cause eye damage, eye strain, headaches, and migraines. It is also responsible for causing sleep disruption by suppressing the sleep hormone melationin.

    Secondly Conventional LEDs produce produce flicker, while it may not be visible to the human eye, the LED lights are flashing on and off hundreds of times a second, the brain can recongise this flicker even if you cant, which can then lead to eyestrain, headaches, loss in concentration, and even damage to our eyes!

    Our SweetDreams and Red Night Light Bulbs have be extensively research, designed, and manufactured to remove these harmful aspects of LED lighting; 

    All of our bulbs contain zero blue wavelengths, and is the only LED available that does not include the blue color spectrum at all. 

    All of our LED bulbs eliminate harmful flicker, providing a smooth, constant light that's better for your health!



    Be very careful with party light bulbs or other standard colour light bulbs, while these appear to look orange or red, these are just coloured glass and would still most likely have parts of the blue light wave spectrum coming through. There’s no testing or science gone into removing the harmful blue and green spectrum of light.

    The bulbs from BlockBlueLight are only emitting a particular wavelengths and it’s from the led chips these specific wavelengths are produced, not just be using a colored shell like the party bulbs. Our bulbs dont use a coloured shell, they dioeds have been designed to emit of targeted wavelengths. All of our bulbs are spectrum tested and and are guaranteed to have 100% no blue light.


    Party or coloured light bulbs may look red or orange, but what wave lengths are actually getting through?!




    We developed the SweetDreams Bulb to be a more general purpose bulb to used throughout the home  to replace most 40w and 60W bulbs, they provide sufficient brightness and colour while still removing 100% of the harmful blue light. This is a great solution to swap out most of the bulbs in your house, they give of a nice warm relaxing amber light yet still fully protect against harmful blue light.

    The Twilight Bedtime Bulb is a much dimmer light with not only all the blue light removed but also all the green light removed. These are great to use in reading lamps, bedrooms and bathroom, or anywhere you wind down in the evening in the last few hours before bed,  they still provide plenty of light to read and see, and give off a sunset deep orange to red glow. They are the ultimate bulb for ensuring the best possible sleep! If your serious about your sleep these are the bulbs for you.



    Yes absolutely, we have designed these bulbs to be a general use light bulb for all areas of the home, they provide sufficient light for living areas and bedrooms, but also give off a warm, relaxing, soft light making them suitable for reading lamps and nurseries. 

    Because eliminating blue light at night is so important, you should use the SweetDreams bulbs in any room you or your family typically spend evening and night hours.



    Ideally you would turn off your lights and keep your room as dark as possible during sleep. However, if you are uncomfortable sleeping with the lights off, we recommend using for Red Night Lights which have been designed to provide very low wattage and dim light and can be kept on while sleeping. 



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    Yes we ship anywhere in the world, we offer free shipping worldwide for orders over $99!

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    We have warehouses is located in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

    Shipping times are are:

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    Please see our Shipping and Returns page for more information.


    If your glasses don't fit or you simply change your mind on your purchase, you can return them to us for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of the purchase date. The items must be returned in the same condition as sold to you with all packaging and cases to quality for a refund or exchange 


    Blue light filters are a way that you can reduce your exposure to blue light. They filter out the intense blue light frequencies that are emitted by computer screens and artificial light sources. BlockBlueLight Glasses are designed to give users the chance to reduce their exposure to blue light and mitigate the effects that this intense end of the spectrum can have on our health and well-being.



    Visible light is complex and is made up of varying frequencies of light. The more intense end of the visible spectrum is also the light that our eyes and bodies react the most strongly to. Blue light filtering products are designed to reduce our exposure to blue light spectrums, and permit wearers to make safe us of their blue light emitting devices.



    The damage from blue light is cumulative. Most people who have spent long days in front of a computer screen will be familiar with the feeling of ‘digital eye strain’. What is happening there is a combination of focusing on a fixed distance for extended periods, and exposure to intense blue frequencies. These patterns can have a cumulative effect on the eye and cause damage over time.



    BlockBlueLight products are designed to give users a way to effectively address their blue light exposure. We have developed a full range of blue light filtering and blocking glasses, smartphone screen protectors, and globes. All designed with the intent of helping our customers mitigate the effects of blue light exposure on the eyes and their well-being.



    Blue light filtering and blocking glasses work by reducing the wearers exposure to intense blue frequencies of visible light that tell our body that it is time to get up and go. More and more people are turning to blue light filtering and blocking technologies to avoid digital eye strain and gain a more restful nights sleep. Look to our reviews to see what our customers are saying about their BlockBlueLight products.



    Blue light filtering and blocking products are an effective way of reducing blue light exposure. A more restful nights sleep, comfort through longer sessions in front of a computer screen and a reduction in cumulative harm are all benefits of using blue light filtering and blocking products.



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