NightFall Premium Blue Blocking Glasses

NightFall Blue Blocking Glasses feature our signature blue AND green light blocking red lens. These are the most optimal blue light blocking glasses available for optimising sleep and balancing hormones.

Our optical grade red lenses block 100% of blue and green light from 400nm to 550nm. This is the exact range that has been shown in clinical trials to lower melatonin and negatively impact our sleep.


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  • NightFall Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    These are the world's most advanced blue and green light blocking with true red lenses designed for after dark use. They block 100% of blue and green light from 380-550nm, making them the most powerful glasses on the market.

    NightFall Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses are true to their purpose using a dark and stylish frame that has a wrap-around fit to minimise leakage of unfiltered light. Plus, they feature high-quality padding on the inside to ensure a comfortable fit.

    Lightweight & True To Purpose, Dark & Stylish Frame

    Nocturnal Red Lenses utilise unique technology to filter out all wavelengths that interfere with melatonin production, maximising your sleep quality, performance, and health.

    These blue light blocking glasses are made for people who are serious about improving their sleep and want the best possible product to do the job! It's true that you can use these to read, watch TV, or work on your computer, tablet, or phone without having to commit to living in the dark, these glasses let you use technolgy but mitiagte the harmful effects of them. Plus, your sleep hormones can shift to night mode to ensure a deep and restful sleep.

    If you wear reading or prescription glasses, we offer our NightFall FitOver Glasses that allow you to continue wearing your glasses and still obtain maximum blue and green light protection.