NightFall ELITE Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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  • NightFall Elite Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    A dark and stylish streamlined design made from high quality and durably  lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium frame.

    Stylish enough to wear out in public but designed with optimal function to ensure maximum protection - the best of both worlds!

    NightFall Elite Blue Blocking Glasses feature high quality spring hinges to allow for a more customized fit, and a engineered contour to reduces peripheral light while still retaining a sleek look.

    Lightweight and true to purpose

    These glasses fetaure our Nocturnal Red Lenses which utilise unique technology to filter out the all wavelengths that interfere with melatonin production - maximising your sleep quality, performance, and health.

    Exposure to blue and green light after sunset can disrupt your sleep and bring about a host of unhealthy patterns. At BlockBlueLight, we’re set about our goal of giving more people a way to reduce their exposure to harmful blue light, while not having to commit to living in the dark!

    These are the world's most advanced blue and green light blocking lenses designed for after-dark use. 99% of blue and green light from 380-570nm is blocked making them the most powerful blue light lens on the market.

    If you wear reading or prescription glasses, we offer our NightFall Fitover Glasses. These glasses fit directly over your prescription glasses and are the best way to ensure true protection from blue and green light as you as you wind down for the day.


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