NoBlue Amber Book Light

  • Amber Book Light

    The NoBlue Book Light is a rechargeable amber book light designed to clip perfectly to books, notepads, e-readers, or virtually anything with an edge! This light gives you a warm and relaxing evening experience completely free of any sleep-disturbing blue light.

    This book light features our proprietary amber spectrum, which is flicker-free and gives off a warm, relaxing candlelight feel that is 100% free of any blue light.

    The gooseneck has a 360-degree flexibility and can be adjusted to the exact position you want. This is especially useful when reading in bed with a partner.

    This is the ultimate blue free light to have on hand. It is lightweight and completely portable and is perfect for traveling, camping, using in the baby's nursery, or utilizing anywhere you need some light that is 100% free of any sleep-disturbing blue light.

    The rubber pad on the clip protects book pages from being damaged and offers secure and stable clamping. The large clip has a flat bottom base to convert it into a table lamp, providing a blue-free light source wherever you need it.

    With two brightness settings of 50% and 100%, the NoBlue Book Light allows for an easily adjusted variable brightness of 35 and 70 lumens.

    FULLY RECHARGEABLE—This book light is powered with a rechargeable lithium battery (1000mAh) that allows up to 16 hours of use before needing to be recharged.

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