Sleep + Sound Blocking Ear Plugs for Sleeping

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  • Did you know even the smallest of sounds while your sleeping can be impacting your overall sleep quality? Even if you don't consciously wake up your brain can still sense and react to noise in your environment and seriously disturb your precious deep sleep!

    With every product that we put to market, there's always strategic and strenuous testing, design and science behind it. In this instance we have created the Sleep+ Sound Blocking Ear Plugs specifically designed to increase your deep sleep and improve your overall sleep quality.

    These ear plugs custom mold and seal to your unique ear shape. This means a very high decibel noise protection... so you can sleep peacefully again!

    Perfect for when traveling and you cannot control the noises around you, snoring partners, noisy neighbors, living in cites, or what ever other noises are robbing you of your precious sleep.


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