Blue Blocking Light Bulbs For Sleep And Health

Protecting your eyes from blue light is only part of the problem. The receptors in our eyes that respond to blue light also exist throughout our skin. Using blue light blocking glasses does not fully provide adequate protection from blue light, as your skin is still exposed to the biggest source of artificial light in your home, which is LED and conventional lighting. Blue (and green) light hitting your skin at night can also disrupt your sleep and circadian rhythms. Read our article ”Do We Need to Protect Our Skin from Blue Light?” to find out more about this.

Replacing your lighting with blue light free lighting products, the only effective lights for sleep, along with using blue light glasses, gives you complete protection for both your eyes and your skin.

All of BlockBlueLight’s Blue Blocking Light bulbs and downlights have been specifically designed and verified to be free of any blue light, produce zero flicker, and are low EMF.


Blue Blocking Amber Light Bulbs

Our SweetDreams Sleep Lights are a warm amber colour; they are bright enough to sufficiently light a room and can be used as a general-purpose light throughout the house. These low blue lights produce zero flicker, have low EMF, and most importantly, have been verified to emit zero blue light. You no longer have to tolerate blue light thanks to ineffective bulbs when you can have our SweetDreams Sleep Lights!

Blue AND Green Light Blocking Red Light Bulbs

The Twilight Red Light Bulb not only removes all the blue light but also has all the green light spectrum removed. The melatonin disruption zone also extends into the green light range, so removing all the green light makes them even more effective. This light is a dimmer light to be used in the last few hours before bed, suitable for bedside lamps and bedrooms. These bulbs produce zero flicker and have a low EMF, making them great lights for sleep.