Kids NightFall Wrap Blue Blocking Glasses - Pink

  • Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Sleep

    Our Kids NightFall Glasses feature our Nocturnal Kids Lens. We have specially designed this kids friendly lens to be a lighter shade of red to allow more yellow, orange, and red light wavelengths through while still blocking all of the harmful blue and green wavelengths. They are just as effective as the original NightFall Lens. . .just with improved visibility!

    We have wrapped our Nocturnal Kids Lens in a high quality, light acetate frame, custom designed to ensure a snug fit on your child's face with a wrap-around design to minimise leakage of unfiltered light.

    For daytime protection our Kids Computer Glasses provide the best filtering technology to ensure the harmful light is filtered out and the beneficial light still passes through.

    Designed for kids aged 2-9. Head size doesn't typically get much bigger after age 9, so kids aged 10 and over would benefit to using our adult sized glasses.